Romy’s Updates…

September 2, 2009

Hola! The massage was WONDERFUL!!! My sister-friend, Josette gave me a massage on Monday! She had to wake me up when she was done, it was amazing! Love her!!!

Monday after my massage I went to the beach with Esther and Michael…it was a nice way to end out the service year.

Monday night I was invited over a couples house for supper. We had yummy Dominican stew, white rice and avocados. It was soooo good!!! We danced, talked, took photos, and had a blast!

Tuesday was the first day of the service year!!!! I went out in service with Micheal, Esther and another brother in  our hall. I started a bible study with a little Haitian girl who cant read! She is about 10 and cant read but I used the “you can live forever brochure” in creole and we studied for about 20 minutes. She was so happy!!! By the time we left she could recognize Jehovahs name!!!!! Can you tell we all had a great first day of the service year!!!!

Today is Wednesday and I’m home doing some preparations for the convention this weekend. I just did some laundry and now i’m going to pack…we leave tomorrow for the capital. We are lodging at a brothers home. There will be 10 of us styaing there…it should be fun!

I was invited over a coule’s house for lunch this afternoon…im excited! Some new friends to meet! lets hope that I can make it to their house without getting lost! Jael made a little map for me…so im hoping I find the house!


Guess thats about it for now…have a great wednesday!

Ti amo,



Another gathering at mi casa!

August 31, 2009

Its almost 1 am and I’m writing because today was a great Sunday!!! Let me tell you all about it 🙂

FYI- I have my time for the year!!! I’m excited!

The first great this is that my student came to the meeting with me today! This is my favorite student, Ive told you all about her. She thanks me every time I go for her study! So i walked to her house and got her and her baby. the baby was super good during the meeting. My students name is Liliana. She followed the entire meeting and even sang! I was thrilled! She got to meet many of the friends…I’m sad that I’m going to have to pass her along to another sister. I hope she sticks with her study and continues to attend meetings!

I invited some friends over after the meeting, there were probably about15 of us. It was a mix of need greaters and Dominicans. Also a brother named Ian from England came over.I made Shepard’s pie and it was a hit! We talked and talked and talked!!! It was a nice group and we had a great time together! I’m now thinking of going to Switzerland early next year…I was invited tonight!

I’m still a little excited from this evening but I’m going to try and go to bed…oh and tomorrow a sister offered to come give me a massage at my house! Like how awesome is that!!!

Good night,


Service and a broken toilet…

August 30, 2009

Do you like the title of this post? lol Let me explain…shall I start with the toilet or service…lets start with the toilet and end on a good note, service.

 When we came home from Thursday morning service we were really tired. The weather has been unusually hot and humid, even the local friends are complaining. So we were dying to take turns in the shower but no water! Esther went in search of the landlord and was told that we have a leak in our toilet and that it is our responsibility to fix it before he would refill our water tank. You have got to be kidding, we thought! He said that was in the contract Raymonde(the sister who’s apartment that we are subletting) and that she had signed it. He knew this was a problem and had told Jared he was going to fix it. Imagine our frustration, don’t mess with my shower on a hot hot day. Anyhow, we got Felix(plumber) to come up and fix, and then…….. the toilet was really broken. I’m happy to inform everyone that, as of today, it is in working order although part of it is taped together with packing tape!

Ok so thats the toilet story, exciting, right? 🙂 When we were out in service thursday in La otra banda I witnessed to a young man. I invitied him to the convention.  Which will be September 4 – 6, in the capital, Santo Domingo. I gave him the invite and also invited him to the meeting that evening. We went to that meeting because I had a talk, our meeting in Higuey is on wednesday nights. So that night the guy showed up at the meeting! I was beyond thrilled!!! Another brother that was out with the group came up and welcomed him! So exciting, and he wants to restart his study. He had studied with wintesses in Haiti.

This week I starting handing over my bible studies…i didnt think it would be this hard! One student said that she was just getting use to me and now im leaving. I told them that I would be back! 🙂

Today one of my bible students in Higuey is coming to the meeting! Im super duper excited about that!!!! I have also invited some friends over for supper after the meeting. Some need greaters and some locals friends. It should be a nice evening!

Guess thats about it for now…have a wonderful sunday.



Some Pictures…

August 26, 2009

Here are some random photos…some of our apartment, where we hang our clothes, service, and the gals…hope you like them!


Micheal witnessing to a haitian

Micheal witnessing to a haitian


My "dryer" in the DR

My "dryer" in the DR

Jared witnessing on the beach sans

Jared witnessing on the beach sans

August 26, 2009

wow…I havent blogged in about a week! What a week it has been! Where shall I start? mmm…last Tuesday I had my first visitor! My friend Candace came to visit…it was nice! We did some service and had some fun at the beach!

Wednesday I did some studies with Jeal while Candace relaxed at home. In the afternoon me and Candace went on my study. I love love love this bible student…let me tell you why. She loves learning about Jehovah, she is super sweet, and thanks ME every time we finish the study…lol…I really like her. I am picking her up tonight so she can walk with me to the hall.


Thursday we support the creole group in la otra banda…I did a couple of my studies and rvs and Candace got to experience the “full”DR service experience. After service we were invited to have lunch with a couple from Switzerland serving in the Spanish group in La Otra Banda. Lunch was wonderful…yumm…lasagna, salad, good friends and a good card game!

Thursday night Candace and I stayed at another need greater’s house names Sharese…love her! She is obviously a regular pioneer serving in the Spanish in La Otra banda. She cooked us dinner, we had girl talk, and we got to sleep in AC! Yes, that was the best part! 🙂

Friday Sharese and I did some street work for about an hour and then came home and had an american/dominican breakfast. Pancakes,eggs,bacon,tostones, and juice! Yummmm! After breakfast we did a little shopping and then me and candace headed back to Higuey.

Friday night I skipped espanol (i know, im a bad girl) and I had a gathering at mi casa. I had a few couples, a few singles, and a nice mix of friends. I made a cold tuna pasta salad, an avocado and tomato salad, and we had home made cookies! It was a nice evening…we even played a few games.

Saturday we supported the creole group in Bavaro and then we went to a great resort!!!! All inclusive….lets just say I had a few rum and cokes, and a few other cocktails…it was a nice break from life in Higuey.

So here is a cute story…me and Candace went to a restaurant in the resort on saturday afternoon. i was really drawn to this one waitress..she just seemed nice, and I kept thanking her in spanish. I just got a nice vibe from her. The folowing day our friend Sharese joined us at the resort and we all went for breakfast at the same restaurant. I was happy to see “our” waitress again. I got up to get something and Sharese was talking to the waitress in Spanish…and smiling and talking. So Sharese told the waitress that we were witnesses and we were serving in Higuey. The waitress was a witness!!!! She said the previous day she was drawn to me as well and wanted to talk but couldn’t understand our fast English…i love Jehovah’s organization!!!! Anyway…she is actually coming over to my house for dinner this sunday evening! Im super excited!

So we had a blast at the hotel from saturday to monday night…then it was back home to Higuey. I took Candace to the airport yesterday. I was sad to see her leave. Today I went on one of my studies and now we are about to go to the market….our fridge is bare.

We have our meeting tonight and tomorrow night I was asked to give a talk at another creole meeting…so i’ll have to practice when i get home…do you guys see why I LOVE it here!!!!????

Have a wonderful wednesday!!!!


Ti amo,


This past weekend…

August 17, 2009

What an awesome weekend I had! Friday evening we were invited to a couple’s ranch in our hall. I was like ok…a ranch are you serious. It was sooo fun! We played board games, basketball, volley ball, talked, joked, and ate lots of yummy food! We had roasted eggplant and “johnny cakes” like fried dough…delish!!! Nice, simple, fun…great friday evening!

Saturday we went out in service in Bavaro. So we were doing street work and I was working with Micheal. We started speaking to a haitian man then 2 people came in, then 2 more men, then 2 more men…when i lifted my head up after reading a scrripture there were at least 8 men in the conversation. It was amazigng! They all took literature, all took invites for the convention and they all wanted to share and learn more about Jehovah! It was soooo nice! I was using my bible and no one was telling us to leave!

After service we went to the beach! Jared, Jeal and I did a few RVs on the beach…nice yea! Preaching barefoot on the beach…I like this life. As we rounded off the 2 o’colock hour of service on the beach this haitian man came up to us and said ” you are the only religion that has no hypocrisy, if I ever switch relgions i’ll become a witness”. Nice comment to end service off with!

As we are laying on those beach “beds” these haitian workers are speaking next to us in creole. One of them says “they probably speak creole, all the witnesses do” lol…ahh ok…we did but not all witnesses do. Its amazing…people really do observe us as Jehovah’s people.


The beach was great! Breezy, sunny, warm carribbean ocean, and of course refreshing drinks!

Sunday I did some wintessing in a local park…that was nice as well. It was low key, not to much walking, and lots of haitians to speak to about Jehovah.

Sunday night I had some friends over for dinner. i made a shepards pie from scratch…it was a hit! Im becoming a real martha stewart while in the DR…lets hope I can keep it up when I get back to the states.

Today is Lunes…its our cleaning, laundry day. Ive already finsihed my laundry…cleaned the bathroom and my bedroom. Now its relaxing time! Oh …i hear thunder!!! A storm is coming…i was invitied over a couples house for pizza tonight…looking forward to that!

Tomorrow my friend Candace is coming to visit…im thrilled about that! Till I blog again…be well, lots of love,


Why I love serving in Higuey,DR

August 13, 2009

Higuey, it’s not a vacation!

  People often ask me why I like it here in Higuey, why did I choose to serve here.  So I decided to write a little bit about what life is like and try to explain why I like serving here.

First, like the title says it’s not a vacation.  When I refer to where I serve I commonly refer to Punta Cana because it is a place known by most people.  I DO NOT however live in Punta Cana. I’m not far from it in distance but in lifestyle I am.  There is no mall or movie theater in Higuey.  There is a cool super market named Iberia , but that’s not the mall! There are dogs everywhere, some have owners most are strays. Most of you know that I hate dogs!!! But Jehovah has protected me…they don’t even smell you! There are fresh meat markets everywhere in fact I walk past at least 3 pig or cow heads a day, oh the rest of their body is hanging there as well.  It’s not the best way to start your day with that image or smell but its part of life here. People in the Haitian community are poor! Some return visits literally live in a room with a stove, plates, fan, and their clothes. They don’t have a private bathroom…the toilet is down the ally and they share that with 15 other people. They do not have walk in closets, a washing machine, or even a fridge for that fact.  No, I can’t drink, cook with or even brush my teeth with the water from the tap, but hey most of you buy bottle water also. We have to walk to the market, walk home and then bleach ALL of our fruits and veggies for ½ hour so we can eat them! No it’s not luxury living here!

            I HATE taking cold showers at 7 AM! But at least we have water and water pressure (well, some sort of water pressure J)  We have run out of water twice since I’ve been here…so its better to take a cold shower rather than lather up and run out of water…yikes!

Then if that wasn’t bad enough we often lose power. So there goes the milk, meat, and cheese…yum! Now these are not regular occurrences in my apartment but of course they did require me to do a lot more prayer to maintain my calm.  When I prayed about serving where the need is greater I knew it wouldn’t be all peaches and cream…but this is a lot different from the states! There was a daily text recently that spoke about how those who move to serve cannot begin to imagine the contrast between Jesus’ circumstances on earth and those in heaven.  When I thought about what Jesus gave up because of his love for Jehovah and for us, WOW!! I can’t complain about anything.  What did I really give up?  I gave up a few luxuries to serve Jehovah in a better capacity. Now it’s clearer to me why I love being in Higuey:

            So why do I like it here, well for lots of reasons.  Like, even though when I wake up in the morning I’m not sure if there will be power or not I AM sure that I will be able to share Bible literature with someone in the ministry that will appreciate it.  I know for sure that I will find at least 6 Haitians who want to learn and know about Jehovah.

Even though every time I come home from service I am 4 shades darker, two from the sun and two from the exhaust fumes and dirt from the street, it doesn’t matter because I’ve read more than 4 scriptures with people in the ministry.  Because it has truly shown me how good Jehovah is. He is oh so good! He provides for us in every aspect.

 I like that there aren’t a lot of distractions here, like movies, TV, bowling alleys or video games. (Although there are some friends that have cable & video games, but we don’t)  This gives me more time to study and mediate on Jehovah’s word the Bible.  It allows me the time I need to thoroughly study for my Bible students.  It also allows be to draw closer to the friends in the congregation. Speaking of the friends in the hall…beyond amazing! Humility!!! Hard working, god fearing people that strive each and every day to give Jehovah the glory he deserves.

Yes, I hate the fact that my family and friends that I’ve grown up with are so far away.  But Jehovah’s hand is never short; He has provided me with more brothers and sisters to keep me busy. I never thought that I would enjoy reading a book, playing dominos, or going to a ranch! But I have experienced the simple pleasures and they are wonderful! Not to mention that thanks to modern technology I can see and talk to my family and friends from the States almost every day.

I love it here because I’ve started 3 bible studies since I arrived 3 weeks ago!  I love it here because I feel that Jehovah is using me! I feel like Ie’m giving Jehovah my best! And what a wonderful feeling that is! I spend 90% of my time reading something spiritual, either studying for a bible study, the meeting or doing personal study.  Being here has made me a better teacher, sister and person.  I have learned to rely on Jehovah even more and I see His hand at work in my life even more clearly. 

So No; Higuey is not the beach, far from it, but I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else.  Well I hope this gives you a better understanding of my life here in the D.R. as a “Need-Greater”.   It’s not something that everyone can do but it’s something that I love.  Hey and the fact that I start sweating as soon as I leave my bedroom just means I’m losing weight J




August 12, 2009

I wanted to thank you all for your numerous emails, phone calls, and words of encouragement! It really means alot to me that I have such loving friends and family. Your words mean so much to me.


Lots of  love,


You are invited…

August 12, 2009

Today was a great day!!! Well every day is a great one in the DR, at least it has been for me!

Today I went out in service with the group here in Higuey. We looked for Haitians and invited people to the convention. I was out from about 8:45 to 12. We met an older lady at the door who was washing clothes and trying to look after 5 children under the age of 8. She was happy to see us and happy that we shared a few scriptures with her despite the fact that she can not read. She took the “you can be gods friend” brochure and assured us that she would have her son read it to her. It was so touching. People are so humble…she had no issues telling us that she was illiterate.

After service I went to the market…I had guests coming over. About 12!!! I invited some couples from the hall and also a family that is serving in a creole group about 30 minutes from Higuey. It was a nice mix of friends. We had good food, good conversation, and a good time. It was nice to share what I had with them! We also played a few mean rounds of dominoes! I truly love this life…I dont want to go home! 🙂 At least I have about 4 more weeks left!!!

Im so happy I have internet here! I got to see my new baby cousin, Landon Chaz Ferguson via facebook! Soooo cute! Cant wait to meet him in person!

I’ll try and post some more recent photos soon…

Gonna hit the sack…gotta get up early in the AM!



Mild, Marry Monday…

August 10, 2009

Monday!!! love Mondays…its my day off!!!

This weekend was great! We supported the creole group in Bavero which is about 45 minutes from where we are in Higuey. The ministry is amazing there as well. There are Haitians everywhere, and I mean everywhere! We meet the group at a place where they have roosters fight(yuck) and while we were at the service group all we saw were Haitians. I worked in service with a french sister who moved here about 5 years ago with her husband and 7 year old daughter to serve. She speaks french, Haitian creole, and Spanish and so do her husband and daughter. We did some Rvs and studies it was a nice morning. On a side note, I wanted to mention the story of one of the sisters RVs. It was a young lady (25) named Manuus(cant spell it) she looked older than 25. She is pregnant. She came to Bavero, Dr with a friend. The friend mislead her and told her that she would find a job here…well the job was to be a prostitute (thats big here). She was just so sad…like she was telling us that the man she is with now verbally abuses her but its alot better than the man she was with before. I was in shock! The questions she had were about who is going to heaven…we shared scriptures and she got it! Jehovahs holy spirit was with us…it just clicked for her. We left the bible teach book! Life is hard everywhere…but when you hear peoples stories its like wow!

Then we had to hit the beach…we had to! 🙂 The beach was awesome as always! Its funny…I found myself witnessing at the beach. My friends were all either sleeping, reading or in the ocean and I was alone. This Haitian guy comes up and starts talking to me…so of course I tell him im a JW and all of a sudden he is so spiritual, anyway we speak of Jehovah and his promises and it ended as a nice conversation. I keep my time going 🙂

Yesterday (Sunday) was a nice relaxing day. I actually prepared my watchtower completely in creole with NO English! I was very proud of myself 🙂 The meeting was very encouraging. Our congregation had 57 publishers and we had 102 in attendance yesterday. It is so nice to see so many bible students that make huge sacrifices to come to the meetings.

Guess what? I’m having a small gathering tomorrow night…i;m super excited!! Ive invited about 10 friends from the hall…i’ll take photos!

I love it here, can you tell?! 🙂

Have a wonderful monday…Im off to do some laundry, then get my hair done and then some bible studies in the afternoon.

love you all,